Expansion in France and Netherlands

Chain expansion in France and store opening in the Netherlands

Two new chillbox stores, in Paris and Amsterdam, have recently began operating, confirming the No1 Greek Frozen Yogurt company's commitment to continuous growth.
The chillbox store in Paris is located in the new shopping center Aéroville that initiated its operation on Wednesday the 16th and is located at the area between the international airport Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and the exhibition center Parc des Expositions de Villepinte.

With a fashionable design that emphasizes on the functionality and aesthetic positioning that showcases multiculturalism, Aéroville aspires to regenerate the social life of the region. Extending on a flat area of 110,000 sq.m., with more than 200 stores of the most esteemed international brands, the new shopping center offers services and activities to the 2,000,000 residents and visitors of the bustling airport. The annual visitation forecasts estimate figures in the range of 12 to 15 million consumers.

The chillbox store, which is of 70 sq.m., is located in the Zone Africa Lodge, one of Aéroville’s most central locations. It is the first chain store created under the Master Franchise Agreement that was signed between Chillbox SA and DELI GREC S.A.S. The agreement entails the creation of at least 30 chillbox stores in the French territory within the next five years, while the economic value of the investment is expected to exceed the amount of 4 million Euros.

It is worth noting that, according to a survey conducted during the opening period, the mall’s visitors voted the chillbox store at the top position in terms of services’ quality and customers’ satisfaction.

The chillbox store that began operating on Dutch soil, of 70 sq.m. total area, is established under the agreement with NECTAR & AMBROSIA BVIO and it is situated in the 4Meren commercial center at Hoofddorp, just 20 minutes from Amsterdam. It is estimated that the annual visitation rate of the center is in the average of 10 million consumers. The store opened on Saturday, October the 19th, and the continuous flow of visitors and consumers prologue its success.

The Chillbox SA was established in 2012 under the vision of creating top quality Greek frozen yogurt and becoming a healthy delight hangout in every city! Today Chillbox SA has the largest branch network of frozen yogurt in Greece with 56 points. The creation of these two new stores expands its network, which has already an established presence in the markets of England (1 store), Belgium (1 store), Sweden (4 stores), Bulgaria (4 branches), Cyprus (1 branch) and FYROM (one store).

Chillbox SA is a Greek company with all of its products being produced in Greece, combining Greek raw materials with Greek fresh milk. The whole of the production process succeeds in the creation of unparalleled quality frozen yogurt with low fat ingredients; a product that fully meets the healthy diet criteria, while scoring highly in the enjoyment index. At the same time, chillbox contributes significantly to the Greek economy, providing jobs for more than 200 people, supporting the Greek agricultural goods market, and promoting the country and the high quality of its products through its dynamic expansion in foreign markets.

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