Chillbox frozen yogurt arrives in the USA

Chillbox frozen yogurt arrives in the USA

Following its pan-European success the Greek retailer aspires to gain presence in all major US cities.

Chillbox Greek frozen yogurt chain of stores is expanding its presence outside Europe, with a strategic partnership with Lymell Holdings LLC that has earned the exclusive master franchise for branch development across USA with 100 new stores in the next 4 years. After a rapid expansion in the highly demanding European market with recent store openings in Austria and Hungary, Chillbox is now present in over 72 locations in 11 countries.

Today, Chillbox chain of stores is the largest network of frozen yogurt stores in Greece, with 55 outlets, plus 17 abroad. Chillbox’s foreign presence comprises France (1 store), the United Kingdom (1 store), Belgium (1 store), the Netherlands (1 store), Sweden (4 stores), Bulgaria (4 stores), Cyprus (2 stores), Austria (1 store), Hungary (1 store) and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1 store).

The expansion of chillbox Greek frozen yogurt stores is being achieved through franchise agreements to create new chain stores in large shopping centers and high-traffic markets. The chain has developed significant commercial growth internationally, receiving distinctions in terms of service & product quality. Chillbox stores have already met huge customer approval in international markets, where present.

Chillbox is using high-quality, pure products such as fresh milk and strained yogurt, creating Greek frozen yogurt of high nutritional value, low in calories and in fat. Frozen Yogurt is made in 6 delicious flavors – natural, biscuit, Madagascar vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mango – which are combined with a large variety of toppings, including delectable sauces, preserves, fruits, nuts and biscuits. By mixing as many and as much of the flavors and toppings on offer, every customer has the opportunity to create their own explosive combination of healthy pleasure!

Chillbox fans enjoy a product menu composed of high quality ice-cream in 14 different flavors, including targeted options for population groups with special dietary needs (flavors with Stevia plant-based sweetener), as well as fresh fruit juices, smoothies and coffees. This exciting menu is offered in a chain of modern, minimal, sophisticated stores.

Chillbox is now ready to bring its savory creations, to the United States, preparing to open its first full-service Greek yogurt store in the New York Metropolitan area until the summer of 2014.

Lymell executives are currently searching for franchisees and franchise area developers who would be interested in contributing to the promotion across US of such a healthy and world-class product.

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